Monday, March 31, 2014

Teaching Our Friends

This week was good.

We didn't see tons of things happen, but that's alright because there's always next week!
The week started out good, we had exchanges on Tuesday. I went to the District leaders area (which is north west Paris) and we had a pretty good time, we had a RDV with a less active and we ate dinner at a members house with the young adults. The only sad thing is that I missed the RDV with Jeremie and Estelle (The part member family that we're teaching right now). Elder Stoker said that their RDV went amazingly (bittersweeeet!), and hopefully we can see them again this week. We had planned on giving a baptismal invite, but Elder Stoker didn't get the chance so hopefully we can try to fix a date this week!
After exchanges the week went pretty normally, we didn't have tons of success, but the other Elders did try to pass us an ami. her name is Darling and we did get her to church, but our lesson was just not good. It is without a doubt the worst lesson I've taught on my mission (including when I couldn't understand a single word people were saying). Yeah, not well taught. She did like the members at church though, so hopefully she'll keep meeting with us. We tried to set up a RDV, but she can't this week, so we'll see!
We taught our ami Aka another lesson, we can only meet with him on Sundays, and he doesn't remember a lot so we kind of just went over the restoration again and said we were going to talk about the plan of Salvation next time. He's sooo cool and he's going to get a couple weeks off for Easter, so hopefully we can meet him a lot more often soon!
That's kind of our week and the exciting things that happened, it seems as though in Paris people will give you their phone numbers pretty easily, but they NEVER answer their phone. It's tough getting ahold of people to meet with them, but it's going to happen! This week in terms of spiritually cool stuff I think the most important thing i learned was the need to chill out. According to one of my favorite missionaries, being stressed out just shows a lack of faith. If we do everything we need to and we put our faith in the Lord we shouldn't be stressed out when something goes wrong, we should accept it as a part of what God has in mind for us and we should continue. So much in life happens after the inital plan goes haywire that if we're constanly worrying about things that go wrong we'll miss all the amazing things that come after that. Do what you can, and then just chilllll, I've learned that everything works out in the end.

Have a good week everybody,

Love you all,

Elder Bruno

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