Monday, May 26, 2014

Gonna Go Serve in Metz!

Heya! So I'm going to Metz! It's a city right on the border of Luxembourg and France, So I'm actually going to be able to go into Luxembourg on exchanges and stuff! Pretty exciting!
This week was pretty good, we had some good lessons with Pierre and Aka, They're pretty solid as usual, but we're just working hard on getting them baptized! It's hard when people are so busy all the time! But they'll get there!!!
We did A LOT of contacting this week and we found some cool people, but we just couldn't fix return RDV's. This week looks like it's going to be great for whoever's coming in and I'm super happy! I really hope that I can just work hard and make every area better than I found it. I'm really starting to realize that people here in France are READY and I'm going to find them, and the church is going to grow, and the members are going to get excited and WE ARE GOING TO EXPLODE!
My companion says that he loves you. His name is Elder Rigsby.
Remember that this church is the people of the covenant, and even though we cannot control how others use their agency, we can control how we use our own!!! DO ALL THAT YOU CAN, ALL. If you do that, then you don't have to worry about anything, you just have to keep moving forward, and when you don't do all that you can, REPENT, and start doing ALL THAT YOU CAN!
It's that simple :)
Love you all,
Elder Bruno

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Week of Finding

This week was a week of finding. We had a couple RDVs set up, but nothing even close to what we normally do, and so we decided to go finding. We went finding in the morning, we went finding in the afternoon, and we went finding at night. It was kind of awful... We had a lot of rejection this week, but there are two cool miracles that happened
The first was that we met a little asian guy named Sy, he was such an awesome guy and we taught him about prayer. It was weird because I had never met someone who didn't really have a christian background, but we asked a couple inspired questions and he talked about how he really would like to know how he could be happy in life. We prayed with him and afterwards he felt soooo good and it was really awesome. The only sad part is that he didn't know his phone number because he barely moved here to France (we actually taught in English) and so we set a RDV for a different day and he didn't show up. He has our card though, so there's always hope!!!
The second was when we were on the bus. I was kind of just sitting there praying for someone, and on walked a man, who could have easily sat in an empty seat, but instead he sat next to me. This just happened to be on a day that Franny sent me two letters and I had decided to put them in my bag and read on the bus. It turned out that the man(who was from congo) had lived in the Czech Republic for 5 years and spoke fluent czech. I pulled out my letters and he even told me what some of the words she wrote meant. We set up a RDV for this Saturday because he's so busy, but we'll see what happens!!!
I'd have to say this week is definitely an example of not giving up though. Even though we had a lot of hard times during the week and a lot of impolite people, we had a lot of miracles. When I sit down and think of the week that's all I really think about. Life might be filled with hard times, but I know that if we don't give up all that really matters, all that we really remember are the good things. That's why we just keep on chugging along.
Have a good week
Elder Bruno

Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello there everybody!
This was a pretty good week! It did have a pretty crazy twist at the end though!
So this week we got to see a lot of our amis, we saw Alex and Andrea and extended a soft baptismal invitation, Alex said he wanted to when they got married, but Andrea didn't see the reason for being baptized again, and even after we explained it for a couple minutes, she wouldn't accept it. She keeps telling us that she's catholic and that's it. Hopefully we can talk to them about marriage next time and she'll see a little more importance!
We met with our ami Aka and set a baptismal date for the 18th of may. We filled out a little calender and it was a really great lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He's really excited about the fact that we can recieve the gift of the holy ghost and we still have to teach him the commandments, but he's awesome and we're really excited!
Pierre is still questioning everything, but his questions are always really great and apply to the lessons. We taught the plan of salvation and he accepted a soft baptismal invitation.
We also got a referral from the Zone leaders in the Paris area and so we started teaching a really awesome man named Corneil! He's an electrician looking for work right now and he's from the Congo. He didn't totally understand the Restoration and so we went over it again and extended a soft invite and he accepted! super awesome lesson.
The crazy part of the week was when we taught a man that lived on the very border of our sector. He lived in a really highly muslim populated neighboorhood, and after we finished our lesson with him we didn't have enough time to go home and eat, so we ate a pretty missionary popular cheap fast food invention called a kebab. After we left the kebab shop we saw a couple of guys on motorcycles playing chicken with the buses and there we probably 20-30 teenager Muslim kids watching them. Finally a cop car showed up and started chasing the motorcycles, When the cop car showed up the muslim kids on the street started throwing plastic bags that would explode. We found out pretty quickly that the bags were filled with tear gas, we weren't super close to the gas, but it still hurt super bad and me and my companion got out of there as fast as we could. It was insaneeee! moral of the story though, tear gas really hurts.
ANYWAYS, in terms of spiritual thought for the week, I would have to say be aggresive, be be aggressive. by that I mean be a go getter, if you go out into the world and you do everything you can you'll be alright. God wants us to do his part before he does his, go work hard and then you'll be blessed. I've seen that this week and so It's my invitation for you to do it too!
Love you ALL!
Elder Bruno