Monday, May 26, 2014

Gonna Go Serve in Metz!

Heya! So I'm going to Metz! It's a city right on the border of Luxembourg and France, So I'm actually going to be able to go into Luxembourg on exchanges and stuff! Pretty exciting!
This week was pretty good, we had some good lessons with Pierre and Aka, They're pretty solid as usual, but we're just working hard on getting them baptized! It's hard when people are so busy all the time! But they'll get there!!!
We did A LOT of contacting this week and we found some cool people, but we just couldn't fix return RDV's. This week looks like it's going to be great for whoever's coming in and I'm super happy! I really hope that I can just work hard and make every area better than I found it. I'm really starting to realize that people here in France are READY and I'm going to find them, and the church is going to grow, and the members are going to get excited and WE ARE GOING TO EXPLODE!
My companion says that he loves you. His name is Elder Rigsby.
Remember that this church is the people of the covenant, and even though we cannot control how others use their agency, we can control how we use our own!!! DO ALL THAT YOU CAN, ALL. If you do that, then you don't have to worry about anything, you just have to keep moving forward, and when you don't do all that you can, REPENT, and start doing ALL THAT YOU CAN!
It's that simple :)
Love you all,
Elder Bruno

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